Competa Playout

Competa is now FREE, yes that’s right, FREE.  You can use it for everything from internet and hobby stations, community stations, RSL, and even commercial stations.  Support for the free version is exclusively through the support forum, which you can find here.

You can install the new version by using the instructions here.

The full manual is included with the installation, but you can also find it here.

We’ll shortly be launching paid for support options for stations that require it and also a paid ‘get you running’ service.



Competa’s main user screen features :

  • 4 Audio Players each assignable (or not) to a specific physical soundcard.
  • Playlist window, where users can drag audio elements to create their show.
  • Full Audio file list, easily find any piece of audio, from Artist, Title, Year, Genre and Type, also supporting wildcards
  • Speedy access to regular audio items via the HotKeys, with an infinite number of buttons and pages.
  • Use the extra Large Hotkeys screen on a second monitor for even easier audio access.
  • Audit files enable you to track and check what was played, when and for how long.
  • Low cost GPI card for full integration to your audio mixer.
  • Backtiming function with automatic filling.
  • Controlling of external news sources either via compatible soundcard or GPI card.
  • Voicetracking and segue editor.
  • Use Collections to rotate different audio items.
  • Editing of Hotkey buttons.
  • Mic live indicator.
  • Different options for screen resolutions.
  • Mic Live and Analogue clock visible in HD mode.
  • Built in Quick Recorder.
  • Ability to trigger external software through custom buttons or On air state change.
  • Either use the Playlist created in Scheduler or run in Shuffle mode.
  • Writes ‘Now Playing’ data for posting to your website.
  • Control of RDS encoder for TA signalling and displaying RadioText over IP or serial..

Competa also features fully featured management software called “Scheduler”, Scheduler allows you to :

Competa : Audio Manager

  • Fully enter and edit metadata for each audio file as well as audition and set aux marks for files.
  • Enter a number of hourly format clocks to build your radio station sound from a selection of musical genres and styles.
  • Assign any clock to any particular hour of the week.
  • Multiple weeks available to account for holiday weeks
  • Generate a playlist based on your clock choices, whilst observing separation rules for gaps between the same artist or the same song being played twice, definable per genre.
  • Organise audio item dayparting.
  • Reporting of audit files.
  • Schedule Commercials to play at specific times.
  • Print the playlist to compatible printer.
  • Alter settings for music rotation and artist separation.
  • Add or delete Genres, Categories, Themes and Moods.
  • Automatically set file metadata upon import.
  • Voicetrack future days and even weeks.
  • Maintain the MS-SQL database backend.
  • Ability to import music logs from a 3rd party system.
  • Merge music playlist with 3rd party commercial scheduling log.
  • Episode scheduling, with ability to rotate through episodes of a programme each day or weekly.
  • Schedule songs by Genre, Theme, Mood, Year and more!

Download the brochure here.